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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays for Your Child


Bitewing Radiographs

These films identify decay between the molars or interproximal decay. The first set of right and left films is usually obtained at four and a half years of age. If there are spaces between the molars and there is no other evidence of decay, these films may be delayed until the spaces have closed. A strong gag reflex or inability to cooperate may inhibit our ability to obtain these films. A lack of space between the primary teeth predisposes a child to interproximal decay. Primary molars that appear to be healthy with only a visual examination may actually have decay that would otherwise be undetected. Decay in primary teeth progresses much more rapidly than in permanent teeth. Early detection allows the opportunity to perform a smaller filling which takes less time to perform and maintains more tooth structure.


Periapical Radiograph

This film is used to examine the area surrounding the roots of the teeth. This may be recommended to diagnose infection, a root fracture, the presence of extra teeth or absence of developing teeth.

Occlusal Radiograph

This film is used to evaluate the upper and lower front teeth. It may identify extra or missing teeth and root or bone fracture.


Panoramic Radiograph

This radiograph shows all of the upper and lower teeth and the surrounding bone. Because the film is outside of the mouth, it may be used as an alternative to bitewing radiographs for a child who has a severe gag reflex or is unable to cooperate for any other film. This film is commonly obtained by orthodontists prior to treatment. This film may reveal or evaluate:

  • Wisdom teeth

  • Tumors, cysts or other disease

  • Future crowding

  • Extra or missing teeth

  • Improper position of developing teeth

  • Tooth or bone fracture

  • Development of permanent teeth

  • Eruption problems

We assure you that radiographs will be recommended only if we believe that they are of diagnostic value.


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